The New Fantastic Four Reboot


I don’t blame Fox for rebooting a series that was never that good in the first place.  With the popularity of superhero movies and Marvel owning the rights to most of them, it seems logical that you should cash in while the getting is good.  The only drawback is that nobody wanted a Fantastic Four movie in the first place let alone a reboot.  The creative wizards at Fox decided to set their Fantastic Four movie apart. ‘How?’ you ask?.  By making Johnny Storm (The Human Torch) black.  This gimmick will set it apart from the other abominable Fantastic Four movies, so as to get confused with this (most likely) abominable Fantastic Four movie.

Fans are up in arms over this change of race and certain plot points.  Instead of being siblings, the Human Torch and the Invisible Woman are now step siblings….or half-siblings….cousins?  Who knows?  No, wait, I think…

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